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Season Finale Rally to The Slam 20/21

First and foremost, we would like to thank all players, parents, coaches, and venues who supported and joined the Rally to The Slam journey during the 20/21 season. It has been an incredible season which concluded with our invitational, complimentary team event in Atlanta on Halloween weekend.

Our Charleston Tennis Circuit team competed against Atlanta's Gwinnett Tennis team in a super tight battle. At the conclusion of the first day, after experiencing rain delays, the score was 5:6, with 11 matches played out of 30. The team spirit and the atmosphere were fantastic, despite losing a heartbreaking 13-15 third-set match. Yes, we all wanted to compete well and be successful on the court, but at that same time, the team experience and fun together were our main priority. During the player's party on early Saturday evening, parents and players of both teams competed in a ping pong tournament while enjoying pizza and college football. Then, of course, our team captain and coach, Sandy, had to put on a little surprise for Halloween.

On Sunday morning, we started the matches early at 8 am, and the battle for the trophy and team victory was on again. The CTC team came out early to warm up and felt ready to compete. After all of the singles matches were completed, the overall score was close, with a slight lead for the CTC team of 13:11. The match-ups in doubles seemed to be quite challenging for team CTC, but in the end, after many close matches of tremendous and fair tennis, our team pulled off the 17:13 victory and took home The Slam Trophy! We could not be any happier and more proud of each of our players for pulling off such a great team effort!

Our Rally to The Slam season 21/22 has already started with two tournaments in North Georgia and Charlotte this past weekend. It has expanded to 5 locations in the southeast, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, North Georgia and Tampa. Our goal is to host between 20-25 tournaments a year. At the end of the season, the top 16 players of each division (1-3 UTR | 3-6 UTR | 6-9 UTR | 9+ UTR) will qualify for the year-end invitational tournament. You can check our newly launched website for more information about the Rally to The Slam Season 21/22. The next tournament here in Charleston is on December 3-5 at Wild Dunes. You can register here. We hope to see you out there again!


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