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We offer two types of Adult Tournaments (18 & Over) so the game of tennis is enjoyed by all levels of competition.  Each one is Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) verified so you not only compete against your opponent, but also your individual rating.  Charleston Tennis Circuit is all about creating a fun, competitive environment to play the sport you love. All champions receive glass trophies to showcase their awesomeness We are passionate about your passion so we strive to make the most of your time at our tournaments! 


Single Elimination Tournament with Back Draw: Guaranteed Number of Matches

The single elimination with back draw format offers a great opportunity to play for the champion's title while at the same time, if you have not advanced in the elimination round, you still have more competitive playing opportunities.  Players are paired to compete against other players of a similar level.  All USTA and UTR levels are welcome.

Prize Money Tournaments: Single Elimination with Back Draw

Each year, we are hosting at least one prize money tournament. This single and doubles tournament is for male and female players interested in competing at the highest level. The minimum level to attend the tournament is USTA 4.5+ and/or UTR 8+. Seeding will be based on current UTR. There will be a back-draw provided for all players to ensure each participant is able to play at least two matches. With this tournament, our goal is to provide the highest level of competition to local and regional tennis players.  

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