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5 At Home Tennis Challenges

While we are all under quarantine and waiting for this all to pass, we wanted to share some fun tennis activities to keep you busy and keep you on top of your game! Each day, challenge yourself to beat your highest score and while you are at it, get your family and friends involved for a friendly competition!

1. Frame It

For this activity, see how many times you can hit the tennis ball on the frame of your racquet. Your hand must be at the bottom of your grip and you have to start over if the ball hits the strings or falls off.

Juggle the tennis on the frame of your racquet
Frame It

2. Balance The Racquet

Use only one finger to balance the racquet from the bottom of the handle. If this becomes too easy for you, try to move in a circle or kneel to the ground and stand back up.

Use one finger to balance your racquet
Balance The Racquet

3. The Spin

Challenge yourself to see how many times you can do a 360 degree spin after you hit the ball into the air and turn back around to hit the ball again before it touches the ground. This one can prove to be rather difficult because as the more turns you are able to complete, the more dizzy you will become!

Continuously hit the ball while doing a complete spin
The Spin

4. Juggle It

Okay, so this one may seem to go against the rules of tennis, but it is actually a great activity to work on your agility. To goal is to keep the ball up in the air by using your feet, thighs, shoulders and even your head (just no hands!). Juggle the ball as long as you can before it hits the ground. Think: "Hacky Sack," but instead use a tennis ball!

Keep the ball up in the air without using your hands or letting it touch the ground
Juggle It

5. Tennis Golf

Set up various obstacle holes in the backyard by using trashcans, buckets or anything where the tennis ball has to land. Then, determine the par for each course along with the starting distance. You are now ready to play. Take turns using your racquet to lob the tennis ball into the designated hole. Like with the rules of golf, if you do not get a hole-in-one then take the next try from where the ball lands and go until it reaches the hole. Make sure to keep track of your score!

Use your racquet to lob the ball into the designated holes
Tennis Golf

Tag us @CharlestonTennisCircuit on Instagram to show us your skills! You can also see videos of our Director, Sandy, demonstrating each one!

Have fun and stay happy & healthy!!


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