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More UTR Tennis Playing Opportunities with CTC: Introducing Flex League

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

What is the best way for you to improve your Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)? This is a question many of you often ask. Well, to answer your inquiring minds, here are two of the most recommended ways to improve your UTR rating: (1) Performance on the Court: Great performance and results on the court during high school matches, verified UTR tournaments, etc. help you improve your rating. Even if it is not your best day, make sure that you to try to win as many games as possible as each game counts in your rating. You can improve your Universal Tennis Rating by winning more games than expected. (2) Play as much as possible

Your Universal Tennis Rating is calculated by an algorithm. With means that the more matches you have against lower and higher opponents; the more accurate your rating will be and it will be much quicker to have verified UTR.

To offer more UTR verified playing opportunities for junior and adult tennis players, CTC is excited to officially announce the addition of upcoming UTR tournaments and a new UTR Flex League in Charleston. CTC Tournaments There will be at least 10 verified UTR tournaments hosted until the end of the year 2021 with some exciting new features to increase your event experience. To stay up to date with our schedule make sure to check out our UTR Digital Club.

CTC Flex League On September 30th, CTC will start a monthly UTR Flex League for all juniors and adults players in the Charleston vicinity. The league guarantees 4 matches in 4 weeks in a round-robin schedule, which all count for your verified UTR rating. Make-up matches and an optional championship match will be played in week 5. The league is co-ed and a great way to meet new opponents of your level, while also being self-organized matches to work around your schedule. It is extremely affordable with $25 for UTR Power Subscribers and $35 for non-Power Subscribers. We will be sending out soon more information about registration and sign-ups. If you would like to receive these information, please contact

Fore more information about rules & regulations about the UTR Flex League, check out the following link:


Partnership Corrective Chiropractic

Most of you have likely already experienced set backs during your tennis career due to injuries or may experienced consistent headaches caused by stress. Taking advantage of chiropractic treatments can help you correct back issues, deal with insomnia, boost your immune system, help reduce chronic pain, improve range of motion, minimize migraines, and overcome athletic injuries. Our partnership with Dr. Kaitlyn and Dr. Brandon Carroll of Corrective Chiropractic means a great deal to us as they are doing an outstanding job in the chiropractic field of Charleston, SC. So much so, that our director, Sandy, heads right to them to take care of his tennis injuries. Bonus: they will be attending our upcoming $3,000 prize money tournament to make sure that all of our tennis players have the best treatments available. Check out our video and see for yourself, how Dr. Kaitlyn and Dr. Brendon Carroll help tennis players perform at their best! Head to their website to schedule an appointment! Corrective Chiropractic


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