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New Exciting Tennis Tournament Formats for the Charleston Tennis Community!

Looking back during my tennis career, I remember those days, when it was 6:4 5:4 and 40:15 on my serve. With the next point, I could take home the victory and advance to the next round of the tournament. On paper this seemed very easy (just one more point); but, my heart during these situations was racing, while my anxiety level increased dramatically. Many times my anxiety got the best of me and instead of leaving the tennis court with a victory, I had to shake hands with my opponent and congratulate him.

These situations are part of the learning curve for every tennis player. Most of us probably have been in a similar situation like it. Especially when losing, I was hoping to compete in another match on the same or, latest, the next day. Unfortunately, many times the tournament experience was over, and I had to wait until the next tournament was scheduled to make up for this heartbreaking loss.

Gaining match experience in a tournament setting acts as an important role for your development as a tennis player. This is exactly why CTC tournaments offer, in most of our tournaments, at least 3 guaranteed matches. This provides you as a participant, the opportunity to gain valuable and competitive experience of playing against at least three different opponents and game styles. We are eager for you to experience our new tournament format for the upcoming tournaments!


Upcoming Tennis Tournaments in Charleston with new formats

This is a co-ed tournament with 24 participants in singles and 32 participants in doubles. Players and teams are divided into draws of 8 (3 flights in singles & 2 flights in doubles) and compete in a compass draw system. No matter if you win or loose, you are guaranteed to play 3 matches. At the end of the tournament, there will be 3 winners in singles and 2 winners in doubles, who will all receive amazing prizes. The tournament is hosted at The I'ON Tennis Club on September 26-27, 2020. After you are finished with your matches, we encourage you to stay around and watch some of the tennis pros compete during the same time at the facility, while adhering to Covid-19 guidelines of course.

This tournament is for all all the tennis pros in the southeast and Charleston with a USTA level of at least 4.5 and above.
Flyer Adult $3,000 Prize Money Tournament

Every year, we host a prize money tournament for the advanced tennis players here in Charleston. This year, the tournament is taking place at the I'ON Tennis Club from the 24-27th of September. This tournament is played out in a single elimination format with a back-draw.

There will be 2 matches guaranteed if you join us. The tournament is able to host 16 female and 16 male players in singles and doubles to compete for the lucrative prize and the CTC championship crown. This is a very exclusive tournament. So if you feel like you would like to compete with the pros and you have a level of at least 4.5 USTA, then this tournament is exactly right for you.


This is a co-ed singles junior tennis tournament with a maximum of 64 players. You compete in a round-robin format with 3 guaranteed matches. The winners of each group, which will be 16 players in a 64 draw, advance to a single elimination round, which is divided into 4 flights of each 4 players based your UTR. This will allow you to play up to 5 matches during the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, there will be four crowned winners, who will each receive great prizes and CTC trophies. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your tournament experience, while enjoying a fair and pleasant tennis tournament atmosphere at the Club at Pine Forest.


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