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Top 5 Reasons to Compete in Charleston Tennis Circuit Tournaments

Our goal is to provide the great tennis community of Charleston, SC with more opportunities for level based competition while creating an environment which is more than just tennis. For us, it is about everyone having a fun time whether on the court or on the sidelines and making sure our tournaments will be positively remembered by all participants, sponsors and spectators. This is why we would like to share our top 5 reasons with you to join CTC tournaments and become part of our community:

1. Guaranteed amount of matches

Juggle the tennis on the frame of your racquet
Junior Tennis Player

One of the key aspects to improve your competition experience as a tennis player is to play matches. When signing up for a CTC tournament, all participants are guaranteed a certain amount of competition:

Junior Tournaments provide at least 3 singles and 2 doubles matches

Adult Tournaments guarantee at least 2 singles and 2 doubles matches

The format offers a unique opportunity to get as much match exposure and experience, even if you have not played successful the first or first two rounds.

2. UTR verified and level based competition

Charleston Tennis Circuit Adult Tournament Doubles
Level Based Doubles Competition

All CTC tournaments count for your verified universal tennis rating (UTR). In short, UTR is a rating system that provides a single, unifying language and standard for tennis players across ages, geography, gender and economics. We use UTR to ensure level based competition throughout all tournaments and matches. This provides you, as a participating tennis player, the best tournament experience and great first-hand level based competition on the court in all matches.

3. First class event experience on and off the court

We pride ourselves in creating an environment that is more than just tennis. It’s about the overall event experience both on and off the court. This is why we provide fun entertainment opportunities including a player corner, yard games, photo booth experiences, players' parties with bbq, music and so on. On the sidelines, we invite supporters to graciously cheer on all participating players.

4. Building a CTC community

Charleston Tennis Circuit Junior Tennis Tournament Participants
Charleston Tennis Circuit Community

The CTC team is all about meeting new people and building relationships. We are excited to get to know each participating tournament player, spectator, partner and supporter on a personal note. Even if there is no tournament going on, you can stay connected with us through our social media channels (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook).

5. Awards Ceremony

Sportsmanlike conduct award during Charleston Tennis Circuit Junior tennis tournament
Charleston Tennis Circuit Awards

We encourage competitive, fair play matches while strongly emphasizing sportsmanlike conduct at all times. This is why during our CTC award ceremony at the end of each tournament, players who competed exceptionally, as well as players with outstanding sportsmanlike conduct will be awarded with our CTC trophies. The award ceremony is the ending highlight of each tournament where the CTC team also says a big thank you to all participating players, spectators, sponsors, helpers, and venues.

We hope to see you soon at our next junior tournament in June at Dunes West Racquet Club or our next adult tournament in September at the I'On Club.

Stay healthy!


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