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Charleston Tennis Circuit in partnership with Gwinnett Tennis in Atlanta introduce the Rally to The Slam, a new and exciting series of verified Universal Tennis Rating tournaments in various states for the age groups of 21 and under. Each tournament guarantees 3 matches during the round-robin stage and the top players of each group advance to an elimination round. When playing Rally to The Slam tournaments, you not only compete for your verified UTR, you will also collect points to win cool prizes and qualify for an invitation tournament at the end of the season.

Rally to The Slam - Junior Tennis Tournament Series.jpg

The Rally to The Slam Point System 

During the verified UTR tennis tournaments, you are able to collect points for the Rally to The Slam. Below you find an overview of how points are distributed: 

5 points for participating in a tournament 

3 points for winning a match 

3 points to advance to the single elimination stage

6 points for winning a flight

3 points for 2nd place in a flight 

Let’s say for example you participate in all 7 Charleston Tennis Circuit Rally to The Slam tournaments and you win all of them, you will be able to collect a total of 203 points. After the conclusion of a tournament, the updated race for the Rally to The Slam for CTC will be published here. This way you are able to continuously check your current standings in The Rally. 

Point Race Standing

After each tournament, the point race system will be updated with your UTR and your accumulated points. This will allow you to follow the current standings and your progress to qualify for the invitational team tournament. 


Point System for Prizes: 

1st Tier = 50 points 

The first 300 players reaching tier 1 get a sample of Solinco strings 

2nd Tier = 100 points

The first 50 players reaching tier 2 get a mini Solinco reel

3rd Tier = 150 points 

The first 20 players reaching tier 3 get a full Solinco reel

Registration & Perks: 

When registering for a Rally to The Slam tournament, you will receive the following perks: 

  • Competing for your verified UTR 

  •  Free Solinco string  or Rally to The Slam t-shirt

  • Collect points for the race to win prizes and qualify for the invitational tournament in October 


Winners of the tournaments receive:

  • A champion glass trophy 

Contact Charleston Tennis Circuit

Sandy Franz 

Tournament Director 

Contact Gwinnett Tennis 

Chase Hodges 

Tournament Director 

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