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Our Team Events are a great way to experience the individual sport of tennis in a team setting. They are 2-3-day events and ideal for both our adult and junior tennis players. The events include a draft the day after the registration is closed, and each tournament guarantees at least 3 team matches. The top UTR players will automatically be the captains and draft for their teams. All team tournaments count for your verified Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). 


Our Pro Team Adult series consists of 8 teams with 8 players each competing for prize money and is created for USTA players with the level of 4.5+. The teams are split-up into groups of 4 and play 3 team matches during the round-robin stage. Each match consists of 3 doubles and 1 singles. The format and team size may vary depending on the number of sign-ups.  The group stage team winners advance to the final. The registration is limited to 64 players and is based on first come, first served. When the limit is reached, there will be a waiting list in place. 


Our 18 & Under Co-ed Junior Team events consists of 8 teams with 6 players each competing in a compass draw format for the championship title. Each round, the teams will play 3 singles and 3 doubles matches. This will allow you, as a player, to compete in 6 matches over 2 days against different opponents in both singles and doubles. Doubles are played one set to 6 with no-ad scoring and singles are two full sets with a match-tiebreaker. The scoring format is similar to that of college tennis. The doubles match counts as 1 point and each singles match counts as one point. That way the total amount of points a team can collect during a match is 7 (e.g. 4:3). The championship team will win cool prizes!  

Junior Schedules & Sign-Ups Coming Soon! 

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