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Adults, It Is Your Turn To Play!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

After the 1st CTC Tournament was a great success, we are extremely happy to announce that our next tournament on October 11-13,2019 at the I'ON Tennis Club is confirmed! This will be the 1st Universal Tennis Rating Adult Tournament in the Charleston area. Tennis players of all levels, 21 and over, will be able to participate and compete in a level-based singles and doubles competition. 

Being that we are all about bringing the fun both on and off the court, we will be having an 80’s theme players’ party on the Saturday evening of the tournament with free beer, wine and a delicious menu prepared by Chef Mike Vargas of the I’ON Club... not to mention plenty of 80’s throwbacks that will have you headbanging your mullet and teased hair! We encourage players to dig out their best 80’s attire to bring or, even wear while playing on Saturday! That’s not all, during the party, we will have a variety of fun games and challenges on the court that will have you shouting out, “hit me with your best shot!”

So, make sure to register for the event by clicking here and stay updated about further details on our social sites and website. 

If you are interested in being a part of our tennis journey in Charleston, email Sandy Franz: to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!


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