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New Partnership with Wild Dunes

We're happy to announce our newest partnership with Tennis Facility at Wild Dunes and Tennis Director Carlos Lozano. It is an outstanding and beautiful tennis facility, ranked top 10 tennis resorts ten years in a row by the Tennis Magazine with 17 clay courts right on Isle of Plams. This venue adds a vacation flair during the tournament and provides out-of-town players with the opportunity to stay right on the beach. This will surely add to your overall event experience with the Charleston Tennis Circuit.

Over the next year and a half, CTC will be hosting 4 tournaments at Wild Dunes: a mix of 3 junior and 1 adult tournament. The junior tournaments are hosted on June 19-21, 2020, December 2-6, 2020 and March 18-21, 2021. The adult tournaments, which also includes a price money tournament, will be hosted next year September 23-26.


Tennis Tip from Former BYU College Tennis Player and Current Tennis Director of Wild Dunes Carlos Lozano

We are thrilled about our upcoming Junior Tennis Tournament at Wild Dunes on June 19-21, 2020. Carlos Lozano has very helpful advice for all participating players, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of tournament play for each individual over the last couple of months. To find your rhythm, he suggests making sure you get a decent amount of practice time in the week leading up to the

tournament. Furthermore, he mentions that players should take it easy on themselves, as this is the first tournament after a long break. So no worries because it is normal to be more nervous at this stage, as there has been a lack of tournament competition and overall play. For more information and key tips check out the video!

If you are still looking to play in a junior tennis tournament then please make sure to register for this event by clicking on the flyer below. We only have limited spots available!


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